Cloby Computing Mancor de la Vall Balears, Illes
Your school with one click
Cloby Computing Mancor de la Vall Balears, Illes
Share images of student activities quickly and easily
Cloby Computing Mancor de la Vall Balears, Illes
Reports the school menu and other important announcements directly to the parents' mobile

Push notifications

Push Notifications are the most current communication tool there is. Families receive a notification when you send them a message. Unlimited shipping

Segmented Notifications

The notifications can be segmented according to the configuration of the center, it allows sending the whole center, to a specific course, to a class, a person, or to the group previously defined.

News, Events ...

Sending Secretariat documents by the users to the center, such as authorization of departures, proof of faults, authorizations of pick-ups, etc.


Respond to the questions that are made through the form (activities, meetings, confirmation of absences, etc.) thus simplifying the communication between the center and the users.


Notifications can be sent by geographical location through geolocation.

attached files

Notifications can include all types of attachments (photos, videos, pdf, links, etc.)


Program all the activities of your center so that users are always informed.

social networks

Parents and students can share from their mobile any communication they receive from the center to their circle of contacts.