Cloby Computing Mancor de la Vall Balears, Illes

They offer many business opportunities


To create an app, you can have a   different idea of what is currently offered   or find a gap or niche where you appreciate that   lack any solution to solve any difficulty or problem inherent need   that you can go and then look for a technology developer that is able to convert that solution in a mobile application   able to solve that problem or need.

Then you have to   design a strategy   to convert the chosen market in downloads and application users to ensure the success of the service offered by the app. You can create an app well to solve a problem for customers and users, who can sell or offer it for free and monetize it (through advertising In App, loyalty and higher customer purchases, Premium functions), or to aspects of management business, improve efficiency and save and cut costs. Examples include control of goods, payments to suppliers, workers control and etc.