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The ecomerce in Spain


The Spaniards are prepared to incorporate the mCommerce as a new habit in our lives, so that our country is already the fifth worldwide to more purchases through mobile. This purchase mobile now accounts for 34% of purchases made Internet in our country. In addition, users of 10 -6 bought via mobile- prefer to buy through apps through the mobile browser is that, as this study indicates, users buy up to three times more when they do it from an app.

These buyers through app, most of whom are between 25 and 34 years spend especially in travel, leisure and fashion sectors leading payment via mobile. The purchases, collects the Report on the State of the Apps in Spain, They are preferably made ​​via mobile phone (59%) followed by tablets (41%). And in retail mobile shopping accounts for 58% of all mobile revenues.

Javier Navarro, founding partner of The App Date, has been commissioned to present this study showing the interest discount apps have generated among Spanish users. Applications like The Fork, Booking or Privalia, among others, are very present in the phones of Spanish users.

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