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The Apps in Spain


Since 2011, The App Date, which also has the support of Correos , mooverang and Hailo describes a map that Spaniards do use the apps. Data presented by The App Date shown over these 6 years the evolution of Spanish users regarding this technology and among them emphasizes that there are 27.7 million Spaniards who use apps daily.

This observatory use apps shows how our relationship with applications has varied over the years. "The data show us how to be more mature users have entered fully into the app-commerce phenomenon. Ie not just rely on applications to buy and transact if we feel comfortable and through them we consume up to three times, "says Navarro.

So while this year , the absolute number of apps downloaded by the Spanish is the same as last year (3.8 million apps per day), the reality is that the number of downloads descends as still increasing penetration of smartphones, which and uses 81% of the population.

Besides being more selective when my unburden, we are more faithful to more than a dozen applications. On average only actively use 14 applications installed on our phones, it is with them with whom we spend 89% of time who we are dedicated to using our smartphones.

As in previous studies, the report of The App Date collected as Spaniards we remain more than Android (84%) than iOS (12%) or other operating systems. What begins to fade is the gender gap in the use of this technology (men 51%, women 49%) and the range of between 25 and 34 years as the most "addicted" to using apps is maintained. In that sense most of us use apps between 16 and 17 hours and between 20 and 21 hours and on Sundays remain the days in which we downloaded more apps.